Chamisa Elementary Book Trailers

What is a book trailer?

It is a commercial for a book, such as those seen on the Scholastic Book Fair video. It is not a book report, it is a "teaser" that will make other people want to read the book.

Why should students create book trailers?

It is creative literacy fun and below is the common core standards that are met by creating one. (Thank you to the wikispace Book Trailers for Readers!)

Infographics Book Trailers and the Common Core.jpg
Infographics Book Trailers and the Common Core.jpg

How do I make one?

See Mrs. Nelson for your own Animoto account and print out one of the forms below. After the approval process, your book trailer will be posted on this site.

Book Trailer Creation Form (choose one)

Thank you to Sample Templates for the above storyboard.)

Use this to create your citation of images:

(Thank you to for the slides and second template.)

What is the process?

1. Choose book from the Chamisa collection.

2. READ IT! (Throughly-Completely-Totally)

3. Fill out one of the creation forms. (see above)

4. Get an Animoto account from Mrs. Nelson.

5. Create book trailer and don't forget to cite your image sources. Fill out rubric.

6. Submit the book trailer link and rubric to Mrs. Nelson by email: